Commercial and Retail

New Garden Centre Squires, Shepperton

Replacement of former garden centre including restaurant and deli

New Garden Centre Hillier, Eastbourne

Retail building including concessions, restaurant, warehouse and nursery

Extension Longacres, Bagshot

Replacement building to provide retail space, restaurant and entrance

New Garden Centre

Proposed new garden centre with restaurant, retail space and nursery

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We have extensive experience in the commercial sector with a particular speciality in garden centre design and horticultural retailing. We are delighted to have worked with most of the industry leaders (including Squires, Haskins, Dobbies, Hillier, Golden Acres, Longacres and Coolings). However, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and an ability to tailor designs to the specific needs of each client, enabling us to have had much success with independent operators.

We do not charge for an initial consultation and write and confirm all forseeable costs including fees and a likely timetable prior to commencing works.

Besides a high quality of design and attention we also offer the assurance of being a RIBA Chartered Practice.